Thursday, March 31, 2011

Non Baby News and Pics

We finally had the yard landscaped. Sorry the pictures are not a little better. I let the evening get away from me and lost most of the sun light.
Above you see the area on the back of the Great Room

Above is the area off the Great Room and Back porch Above is the area by our bedroom window Above is the raised area off the swimming pool
Above is the front left of the house

Above is the front center of the house

Above is the front right of the house and the tree that is so pretty but dead and needs to be removed :( I'm so sad. It's the biggest tree in the yard :(

The front yard to the right when leaving the house. The rock should help with the erosion problem

The entire picture :)

Everything turned out more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I can't believe they actually did all this in just 4 days :) Spectacular. The pictures really don't do it justice. You can't see all the little vines and colors. It's going to be amazing in about 4 weeks when the vines have grown some. Hopefully I'll be able to post some more pics then.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here are some pics of the shower from last weekend here in Texarkana. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. Brooke's camera is not working properly and no one seems to know how to fix it. I think it's time for a new one. I will check mom's this weekend to see if she has better pics and post them.

We started off the evening at Zapata's for mexican food with everyone!!!

To the right above Corey getting is Diaper Dude bag mom bought him. He told me tonight he wants to have Jerry Twins embroidered on it.

To the right is Corey receiving two Red Rider Daisy guns for the boys!!!

The girls headed to Suzanne's for dessert and gifts after we finished up at Zapata's.

Below are the Grandmothers figuring things out :) They are going to need to know how to work everything. They are both going to spend several weeks with Corey and I after the boys arrive. The Lord has truly blessed me with a wonderful mother and I've known that my entire life. He, also, placed Glenda in my life and she is a true blessing. I'm very lucky to have two such wonderful women to help us through the beginning as new parents :)

Suzanne ended the evening in the most special way. Each of us was given a Bible verse that had been printed and hole punched on a ring. Karen began us in prayer and each person read their Bible verse, which had Cage & Colt's names added to it as a prayer and Suzanne closed it. It was so special and again showed me how amazingly blessed I am to have her in my life.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Short Update...

We went in for a doctors visit on Thursday. We will be 30weeks pregnant on Monday. Everything went wonderfully! I had gained another 4lbs (same as the last two weeks). BUT, I only grown 1cm as apposed as 4cm last time...OPPS :) I blame Suzanne and the cupcakes from the baby shower last weekend....although she didn't force me to eat them :) I managed all on my own. I ask the doctor about it and he assured me I am doing just fine. He said I'm measuring 8months and have gained less than the average female does by 8months with one. Sounded good to me, until he reminded me I should still gain around 20 more lbs!!! WHAT? NO WAY!!! I can't stretch that much. That's only a few lbs less that what I've gained so far....eyes popping out at this point!

When we ask the doctor when he wanted to see us next he said two weeks. We were supposed to go to every week several weeks ago so I questioned him about it. He assured me we are doing great and he doesn't feel the time has come to see us every week!!! YEA :) Big smiles.

I didn't have a camera for the shower so Brooke and Mom took pictures. I will get their cameras, or one of them and post some pictures of the shower and the dinner. It was sooooooooo much fun :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

THANK YOU NATHANIEL....Sonogram Pics :)

This is the most recent picture of my belly. I will be 28 weeks on Monday and this was taken Friday night.

The above is what I look like from behind.

The above is me from the side.

Last me and the boys in the raw :)

Nathaniel found a way for me to scan with my new computer even though there's not a driver out for it yet so here are the pictures from our visit on Feb 24th when I was almost 26 weeks.

Cage posing for the camera above

Colt hiding in my ribs!

I can't really tell, but this is the one with Colt's head right at Cage's rear...the position they still seem to be in after todays visit. Two week after this picture was taken.

For those of you who have read the previous blog entry you heard about me measuring 31cms. We went back to the doctor today only 2 weeks later and I measured 35cms. YES that's growth TWICE as much as a single pregnancy. Keep in mind that after 22weeks a belly should measure in cm even with weeks of pregnancy and I won't be 28 Weeks until MONDAY!!! AHHHHHH :) I'm HUGE!!!

Side note: We have finally orderd bedding! YEA!!! It's not what we really wanted, but we never did find the exact material to work with what we had in mind. It's really cute and going to be great, though. We are now trying to wrap our minds around how to decorate with a completely different color palet than we thought we'd go with. It's complicated or I'd explain it in detail. It's brown, tan, blue (two shades) and green (two shades). I'll send pics when I get some of the finished product in several weeks.