Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nursery Pictures...

Randy and Corey put the beds together today and hung the lights. Everything looks so wonderful. I like it all a lot better now that it is all together. (If you are wondering if you are seeing things because one bed looks like it's done in blue and the other green...you're not...the fabric's the same but the colors are different...we put pillows and a blanket of the opposite color on the beds so each bed has some of both colors) I still have to get all their clothes, they are folded and clean, off the guest bed and get them in the drawers. Along with some items in the closet that go in the drawers. We have a little fishing net to drape on a couple of items and a ship steering wheel on its way. After that the nursery is complete.

For those of you who are wondering...Yes! I cried. It was a bit overwhelming to walk into a room with two cribs...I still think I'm freaking out a little bit.

We go to the doctor tomorrow. Pray for us as we are getting closer and closer to the boys arrival. We are still breech-breech and I would like to have a vaginal birth if at all possible. For that to happen we really need Baby A to turn and stay head down. Pray I stay healthy. My feet have started to swell and for those of you who saw me Easter and today you know I'm not talking about a little puffiness...We are talking elephant disease big :)

I'll post again tomorrow after our doctor's visit.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sonogram 31wks 3days

Above is the sonogram we had done today. The boys are doing wonderful. Growing well with strong heartbeats. HOWEVER, Colt didn't follow directions and Cage just flat out rebelled. They are both breech! Cage flipped and Colt stayed right where he was. Colt's heart rate is 158bpm and Cage is 147bpm. Colt out weights Cage by only 4oz. Colt at 3lbs 13oz and Cage at 3lbs 9oz.l

I seem to be growing just as much as the boys, although I feel like I'm growing faster and bigger. I gained another 4 lbs (same as last three visits). I grew 2cm from 36 to 38. For those of you keeping up that puts me looking like I'm 8 1/2months pregnant and I am not quite 7 1/4 months pregnant.

The doctor did a swab on me to see if a protein is present that appears around two weeks before you go into labor. It comes from a fluid that covers the placentas. I assured the doctor I don't have the protein, I'm busy for the next several weeks :) He, also, checked to see if I am dilated at all (FYI: I didn't like that it hurt :( ) Luckily I am not. He again ask to see us in two weeks, which make me feel great since he was supposed to start seeing us every week over a month ago.

Corey and I are going tomorrow to have maternity pictures taken. He's excited about it. I'm a little nervous. I feel like a marshmallow :) We'll let everyone know how it turns out and even try to post some pics later on after we have them.