Sunday, October 31, 2010

Prego Update...

Things are progressing well. We are praying they continue to do so. As most of you know the twins are kicking my rear. I have only been sick one time but I have been miserable ALL day EVERYDAY!!! It's not much fun but it will all be worth it. Corey has been doing anything and everything to take care of me. He is the BEST husband ever. This coming week is going to be a HUGE challenge. I am responsible for interviewing all of our prior and new employees. This week's the interviews for all prior employees. I will be on the road working 10+ hour days. Corey and I hit the store today and bought a lot of snacks for me to carry in my car with me this week. I even have little Gatorade's and juice's to put in an ice chest. Well enough of all this boring stuff.

The twins will be an inch long each as of tomorrow! It is crazy how fast they are growing. I read that if they were to grow at the rate they are growing right now the first month after they are born they would be 15 feet tall. CRAZY!!!

Here's a pic of my belly. Corey claims it's getting bigger. I think it's just that I ate dinner before he took this pic :) As for my pants not fitting that's just a coincidence, right? :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Video of First Sonogram....TWINS!!!

Here's the video. It's really long so don't bore yourself with the full 12+mins. Nothing of interest happens after the first 5mins. Both babies had a heart rate of 146. The second baby, Baby B's, heart beat was louder and more powerful. At least it sounded that way to Corey and I. Maybe the wand was just closer to it than BabyA.

That's RIGHT we are Pregnant with TWINS!!!

We are soooooooo EXCITED!!! We have been praying for multiples and God has blessed us with them. We would like to thank everyone who's been praying for us. Here are a few pics of the sonogram and one of me from a few weeks back at 4wks prego! We are currently 7wks and 3days. I'm trying to post a video but it didn't work the first time. I'll try again.