Thursday, December 23, 2010

The belly....just a few days shy of 4 months....17 weeks

I will be four months in about 4 days. I realize I look HUGE or maybe that's just me, but I have only gained 3lbs. I was really concerned for a while because of the belly growth and the lack of weight gain. My doctor assured me it is perfectly normal and I and the Boys are in great health. Corey and I head back to our doctor on Jan 17th (that's when we were supposed to find out the sex). After that visit I should start going once every two weeks instead of once a month. We are going to have a level 2 sonogram in Little Rock on Jan 13th. We will meet with a Geneticist and several other doctors at the time. I believe there are going to be 5 doctors and the sonogram tech in the room with us. The reason for such an involved sonogram is simply multiples. Anything more than one baby is considered high risk.

We will be posting again after the New Year for sure if not sooner. HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

They are.......BOYS!!!

That's right it was RALPH & ROGER that have come back to haunt us (Corey's Grandfather and Great Uncle). And here I thought it was Ira and Inez (My Great Grandmother and Great Great Aunt). The sonogram's below. I also scanned a few of the pics. They aren't great pics but you can see they are BOYS!!! Corey and I still don't have a camera and I keep forgetting to borrow Brooke's to take a picture of my belly, but I can assure you I have one now. I have only gained 3lbs but the doctor said that's normal and everything looked wonderful!