Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quick and simple......I APOLOGIZE :(

Yes, I know....You're out there and you are not happy with me.....BUT.....It's really not my fault.

I haven't posted since I left for my first trip and that is just not right. I would have but I only had a 36hr break in between and when I arrived from the second trip we moved in less than 18hrs. It was crazy and to make matters worse the telephone/internet people never showed up on July 9th to install our service(the day we moved). Finally after 4 days of calling and talking to people that didn't know how to help me and having them call me back to tell me they still didn't know how to help me I received a phone call letting me know it could be 90days before we found out if we could get service. I made it very clear we were new construction when I made the call for service on June 5th and was reasured it would not be an issue because we were in an establised area ( YEAH RIGHT). UHHHHHHH!!!!!! Anyway....I contacted the local cable company last Thursday and they sent out a tech on Friday who performed a spec call to see if would could get service through them and the are "supposed" to be here tomorrow to install internet and phone lines....we'll see. I am currently using Brooke's air card, which does NOT work in the house along with any cell phone because of the nice reflective stuff on the roofing material that cuts down on the utilities LOL :) I have a cell phone booster, but I'm waiting on the electrician to install it, because we have the set up for it to be ran through the entire house, but I don't have clue how to do it. Because I am having to sit outside just to post this, I am unable to upload pics and all the other stuff I want to.

So....prepare yourselves...the next posting will be VERY LONG and VERY INVOLVED.