Sunday, February 28, 2010

Early morning update...

I realize it is 2:20am but I'm not quite sleepy and I just came in from doing inventory at LifeWay. So here's an update. Not a lot to report...

First...We had a BLAST at Canton. We thought we wouldn't be there long but ended up staying until they closed. I went to get the kitchen chairs for the table we bought back in August there. The table didn't come with chairs but I saw some the day I picked up the table I liked. Mom and I got there and the chairs were not there :( However, we spoke the the shop where I saw them and they let me know the guy that made them was on consignment and hadn't sold anything in several months so he pulled out. He said he would try to contact him and see if he had any. I received a call today and he was able to get in touch with him and our chairs should be ready by the next Canton weekend!!! I'm so excited. I just hope I like them as much as I did when i saw them the first time. I picked up a few little things...A "Jerry Family" sign with coat hooks, a wooden "J" and an antique water cooler that still works for the pool area. Also, I bought a custom chair for our bedroom. At least that's where it is supposed to go. I love it so much I may just keep it with me in every room of the house, except it's way to big to move :) I took pictures of the one they had there with my phone (which I left at LifeWay on a bookshelf tonight) and of the materials I picked out for ours. It will have 3 types of material on it. One is a leather look that matches out bedspread, another is a pattern with swirls/paisley/stuff :) and the third is an alligator or croc skin (Daddy wasn't there to check which...he can tell better then I can). She had makes every chair so it will be 6-8 weeks before it is done. I can't wait to see it. I will post pics hopefully sometime this week of what I took.

I talked to John today and the brick layers were at the house getting everything ready. I called and let the pool people know they were starting. The back will be done first so they can get the pool started asap. John went to a house today to check out a new sheet rocker he received a bid from. He really liked the guys work and he is starting at 7:30am in the morning (: I will be asleep so I'll just take their word for it :) I'm really excited about the sheetrock because they are going to round the edges of the walls for NO extra charge!!! I LOVE it when stuff like that happens.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Things have been a little crazy around here recently. Corey is working everyday this week and I'm so busy I can't catch myself LOL :)

Some how we have managed to get several things accomplished recently though. Forgive me if I repeat something from an earlier posting I didn't check to see what the last thing was I wrote about and I can't remember how long it has been.

As of right now we have all the insulation in the house and are ready for sheet rock and masonry. Both of which are supposed to start on Friday. The brick is already at the house and the stone is supposed to be there tomorrow. John and Brandon have spent the better part of the last three days hanging 3/4 ply wood in the great room. It is there so we can easily hang mounts anywhere without having to worry about finding a stud. Unfortunately we had to rip one down today...we as in Brandon...Nathaniel and I went out to the house today and ran some CAT V wire for better accessibility to the Internet throughout the house. It was COLD!!!!!!!!! All the vinyl is up as well on the porches and eves of the house. When the brick and stone are all up we can have them come back and do the gutters.

Corey and I purchased our surround sound units from eBay for both the living room and the great room. One came in yesterday and the other came in today. I have NO idea where we are going to put them. The boxes are as big as a 42" TV! We don't have anything stored here at the house but our storage unit can't hold anything else...I guess we will have to start imposing on friends.

Corey and I spent ALL day on Friday cleaning up around the house. I picked up trash while Corey cut up a tree and then he used a tractor to get everything into a stack. Brandon helped us in the end get the big pile put together. Then I swept the entire inside....We are going to have to have a cleaning person...I don't care what Corey says :) It looks really good without all the trash that people just leave. It's all part of it and the end result will be well worth it. Everything so far has gone well. Corey and I haven't had a disagreement about a particular design element of the home up to this point. It seems we are on the same page for almost everything. It has, thus far, been a very pleasant experience and I pray it continues to be so.

Exciting things besides sheet rock and masonry this week....I'm going to Canton with Mom on Thursday to purchase some kitchen chairs (at least that's the goal). Corey was supposed to go with us but he was called in to work his two days off this week :(

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb 12, 2010 Snow at the House

Here are some pics of the house in the snow. It does have shingles now but those pictures are on Corey's camera and for the life of me I can't find it. I will get them up as soon as possible. I love the color we picked and want to know what y'all think.

Feb 7, 2010 Pics

Here are some pictures of the house with the back porch fireplace, jack n jill bathtub and the painted stucco

Thursday, February 11, 2010

No picture update

Well, it's been a little over a week since I last did an update....we have been very very busy around here.

We have had a lot of visitors and it was wonderful to see everyone..

Amy, Pete and Noah came last week on their way through to Little Rock, where they will be living for a few years. He is the SWEETEST baby CUTE!!! We had an early dinner and went out to look at the house before they headed out.

On Sat Ronda and Clay came to see us. We met at the house (it was sooo ccccooooolllldddd). Then we went to lunch. Clay stayed with Corey and I while Ronda did a little grocery shopping. The three of us went to Home Depot where Clay picked out the color of paint for us to use on our front door here at the house we are going to put on the market the end of Feb. Corey put on the first coat that evening then I added another after I was finished working and we added the third today. I think it is good to go now. We like the color so much we wish we had of painted it sooner. We were so excited to get to spend time with didn't last near long enough :(

Roger and Shirley (aka Momma & Daddy) came on Sunday. We all went out and looked at the house and then went to Johnny Carinos for lunch YUM!!! Hopefully the next time they come there will be LOTS & LOTS of changes on the house...there wasn't much of a difference from when they came last time.

It was a fun week getting to show the house several times, unfortunately not a lot of changes happened at the house. The plumber held us up for 3 days in the beginning which added up because rain hit shortly after that so to sum it all up the plumber actually cost us 8 days....hmmmmmm I wonder what we are paying in interest per day...maybe I could get him to cover the days he delayed us LOL Wouldn't that be nice...

Good news the shingles went up on Tuesday and the vinyl was going up today. We have some pics of the stucco but I don't have my camera to upload them right now. I will do so tomorrow. We are going to try to get out to the house tomorrow early and take pictures of it with all the snow!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Furniture shopping...

Several months ago I went shopping for living room furniture. I knew it would be during tax season and I wanted to make sure I had an idea of what we would like. Another words I found what I thought we would both liked and then took Corey so he could ya or na it. Today I went back and purchased the items I had picked out (all of which he had ya btw). We don't have to pick up the living room furniture until the home is finished. We have a sofa, chaise, over sized chair and ottoman. I, also, bought a bed for Corey and I. It's a BIG oak headboard and foot board. We now have a bed and bedding, but we still don't have a mattress. I don't think we can get one til we are moving because we do not have anywhere to store king size mattress and box springs :)
The plumber had been to the house for a little while today and has finished getting everything he's supposed to get out the roof out. The security system people ran all the wires yesterday. We found out today the roofers will be starting on Monday. It should take about 2days to get the roof finished and by then the stucco should be painted. When we saw it today that was the only step left....

Cabinet Pictures

Pictures of stucco in process and cabinets and outside doors

In this group there are two close up pictures of the outside of the house. Those are the dormers and chimney. They are in the stucco process. The other three close ups are of the doors on the two back porches. The last one is just an update of what the outside looks like at this stage. These pictures were taken yesterday.
We have been super busy the last few days. Not only have we been some serious miles for work....We picked up the ice maker on Monday, returned the vent hood, took the ice maker out to the shop where John and Brandon are building our cabinets. Then we went out to the Granite Specialist (on Monday and Tuesday and a phone call to them on Wed LOL) and finished picking out our granite. We chose some remnants for the powder bath, the master bath, the laundry room, and a second piece for the kitchen. We are waiting on a price for a piece we picked out for the small bar ledge on the outsifde side porch for the slide through window. We picked a piece out for the bar in the great room but the next day Corey, John and Brandon decided to go with a wood counter top. I think that will look really good. The cabinets are coming along beautifully. I have several pictures I'm going to post below this one (or should I say above since that's where they will go when I post them next)