Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Well, it RAINED today for those of you NOT in East Texas and it rained a LOT!!! I was out of town for most of the day, but made it out to the house late. It is a mushy mess right now. I don't have any new pictures to post because the only thing going on inside of the house it tile. I will try to get some tomorrow. Tim, the tile guy's, working on the master shower and bath right now. I leave in less than 18hrs and adding that up to type the right hours just gave me a heart attache......seriously I need oxygen...Corey's at work and I can't breath......I'm okay. I just need to have faith that all will work out and it's just moving a house nothing serious or dangerous. It's all about perspective.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The rock's back... :)

I am sooooo excited. Brooke, Andrew and I stopped at the house today after hitting the shooting range. IT IS AMAZING!!! The mason workers were back yesterday and today and the inside fireplace and the kitchen cook top area is as well should be finished already. I can't believe it will all the house will be finished while I'm out of town. Corey can handle everything that's happening. The electricians should be done tomorrow with all the final installs. John told me today he's contacting the plumber to complete is final item installs, the septic and gas tank. I can't tell y'all how giddy I am. It's like Christmas EVERY day :)

We have officially booked the movers. We are moving on July 9th!!! YES, YES, YES I know I don't get back until July 8th (except for a 32hr U.S. layover! I have already started packing, as of today. Thank goodness for all the prep work I did several months ago. I spent several days "purging" during late April. It was easy...I know I was shocked as well. The laundry room, my bathroom, the living room and 1/3 of the kitchen are PACKED!!! I only spent the latter part of the afternoon packing (about 3hrs.) I couldn't finish the kitchen because I don't have anything to use on the breakable stuff. I feel like I should be done with all the packing by Tuesday 12pm. We are packing everything that's you show up right now and open a cabinet door in the laundry room or my bathroom or the entertainment center you will find NOTHING!!! We have to leave all the other items because we haven't sold the house yet and we want it to look really good and staged when it is shown. Corey convinced me to list the house with realtor tomorrow. I guess it's that time.

Here's a few pics from today.