Saturday, April 10, 2010

A walk through the master closet follow-up...

Well, the pics showed up reversed in order so start at the bottom and work your way to the top for the description. I need to remember that's how it works :) I realize half the closet is missing from the pics but it will only let up upload 5 at a time so I went with my side of the closet :) Corey's is all boring and consist of full wrap around hanging with one shelf :( Mine was more fun to look at :)

A walk through the master closet

Here's a little bit of the master closet. IF the pics are in the right order...the first is on Corey's dresser drawers, then the shoe rack (split into four sections) with hanging racks to it's right, then the window with shelves on the left, long hanging clothes on the right and a bench under the window, then the clothes hanging wall, lastly the edge of more open shelves that are attached to my set of dresser drawers.

Garage Doors and Bathtub for Master and Pool

Here are some new pics. The garage doors are a little darker than our trim color and we decided it made them look distinct. We'll see. We may hate it after living there and paint them the first year. The master tub came in and is PERFECT for reading and even has nice little arm rests so I don't have to worry about getting my book wet ;) Lastly there are pics of the pool. For those of you trying to figure out what's what....the shallow area above the steps' a tanning shelf (we can let little ones play there or we can put lounge chairs in and tan with our feet in the water). There's also three spigots on the wall for water features and a bench in the deep end.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Update...No Pics

There's not a whole lot to update. There's still a LOT of trim/cabinet work being done. We have a lot of built in's. :) One VERY noticeable item that was done this week was the spraying of the Gunite for the pool. It took about 3hrs and BAM we had a pool....CRAZY. It was a fun process to watch. I stayed for about 20min...just long enough to leave the check :( We are getting close to the finish of Tax Season :( It will be nice to have a little free time, but I sure wish it wasn't over for this year