Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Final Pics...For Now Anyway :)

Don't be mad I have an explanation! I realise it has been a LONG time since I said I'd get these final pictures up, but our camera BROKE!!! I finally borrowed Brooke's and now have pictures. I realized after I uploaded the pictures I don't have any of the laundry room, front door or garage. Also, there aren't any new ones of the outside in the front of the house but nothing has changed. We haven't done any landscaping. So without further a do her are the pics... PS: Oz is the star of several pictures...He couldn't understand why mommy was running around the house taking pictures...Isn't he just too cute!!!

Master bedroom view from door.

Master bedroom view from opposite corner
Master bedroom couch view.

Master bath sink view.

Master bath tub view

Master shower HALF of the view. The flash wouldn't let me take the shot of the other half of it.

Part of the master closet.

Front study off of the foyer.

Front study closet (where I put Corey's desk :)

Living room view from front foyer.

Living room from the adjacent corner facing the front door and dining room.
Dining room.

Front hallway to guest rooms and Jack N Jill Bath room on right. Guest bathroom on left.

First Guest room.
Jack N Jill sink area
Jack N Jill tub area.

Second guest bedroom.
Breakfast area off kitchen and living room.
Opposite view of breakfast area.
Kitchen view from back hall.
Cook top in kitchen.
Kitchen view facing back hall.
Back hall.
Guest bath sink view.

Guest bath view facing back hall door.

Guest bath view facing front hall.

2nd Back hall. Laundry room on left and Greatroom straight ahead.

Bar area facing pool outside.

Bar area with all of Corey's shot glasses.

Front wall with African animals (and a West Texas Pronghorn) of the Greatroom.

Back wall of the Greatroom with the Giraffe and my office off to the right.

Wall past the bar with doors out to the Greatroom porch and pool area. Texas Deer Section.

Greatroom Porch and Bar Area.

Living room/Kitchen Porch TV.

Living room/Kitchen Porch Fireplace.

Swimming Pool. Sorry the fountains are not going. The ground was really wet and I didn't want to walk around to turn them on and I couldn't get the remote to work.