Thursday, November 18, 2010

Update on the TWINS!!!

Corey and I went to the doctor this morning. The first thing the doctor did was check for the heartbeats. He was able to find one but couldn't pin down the other. The ultrasound tech was out today so he took us down to the room and we figured out how to turn the machine on. Luckily it was a no fuss machine...once it was on it was user ready. He used the wand that goes on the belly. They are both on my left side just hanging out. They are so much bigger that they were last time. We could actually see their little arms and legs. The one on the left is WILD!!! Jumping and wiggling. It was the cutest thing. The other one moved but not with near as much enthusiasm. He said they looked healthy and everything seemed to be going fine. We didn't get a DVD this time because none of us knew how to work it and we didn't think about taking any pics of the screen until we had left the doctor's office. We were just so excited to see them we forgot about it.

We were able to ask a few questions...
I ask if it was normal to have gained only one pound. He said it was and ask how active I had been. For those of you who know I haven't been active at all. I've felt too pathetic :) He did tell me I could return to normal gym activity (after I explained what all I do at the gym).

I told him my belly had grown 4 inches and that's why I was a little concerned about my lack of weight gain...he eyed me and said "I don't recommend women carrying twins measure their belly's. There will be some numbers that come up soon enough you will not want to see." I laughed hard and he said, "Just let me measure you when you come in."

Next I ask what my doctor visit schedule would be. He said it would be every four weeks until week 20. Then it will be every two weeks until week 26(most likely) and then it will be every week. I'm already 12weeks...I'll be going every other week after only two more visits.

I ask him what the process would be to test the babies for Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT). I ask if a geneticist would be present when the babies are born and if they could get tested right away.. FYI: CMT is a nerve disorder that runs in my family. My Grandmother, Mother, Brother and Sister all have it. I have never shown any signs of the disorder but I have never had the test done to see if I have the disorder. He said when carrying twins he will send us to a specialist in Little Rock for a level 2 sonogram. This will be a more in depth test to check the health of the babies due to higher risks with multiples. At this time a geneticist will be present and will let us know more about what to expect.

I am so sorry we don't have any footage. I wish I could telepathically send you the images I have stored in my head. They were so very cute jumping and bouncing around. All that matters, though, is the doctor said everything looks wonderful and the babies look very healthy!!! I'll be the full 12 weeks on Monday so I will take a pic of my belly and post it. Get ready because it has GROWN!!!