Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update Specialist Visit...

Corey and I went to our specialist appointment on Jan 17th in Little Rock. It was a Level II Sonogram. I wasn't familiar with what this was until I was reading my multiples book. It explained it's a normal sonogram that involves different doctors and a specialized sonogram technician. It was very interesting. The room was very different from the one we have sonograms done in Texarkana. Corey was able to sit on the side of the room my head was on and we watched the entire sonogram on a TV. It was fun. It took close to two hours and over 200 pics of the boys were taken. End result...Everything looked great. They measured every bone and part of both boys. They were measuring around 3days older than they are. I don't know that it means anything but I am praying they don't get too big. I already feel stretched to the limit and I'm just getting started. My tummy is so tight and hard. Corey and I were laughing this evening about how you can swat by belly and it doesn't even giggle a little bit. My belly button has officially gone flat :( It was a really good innee and now it doesn't exist. CRAZY!!!
Corey was able to feel Cage for the first time on Monday night. He was patient and held his hand on my belly for awhile until he felt the kick. The look on his face was priceless. I loved it!
I feel them all the time. They are most active in the morning when I wake up, when I go to bed and in the late evenings. Cage is down low and he seems to be annoyed by any type of waist band...which is on everything even maternity pants (the soft stretchy ban over the belly still meets at the bottom where the jeans/slacks start). He particularly doesn't care for my casual house sweatpants which are all mediums and have way to tight elastic. Corey and I tried to find some today that would fit me, but they were all way too short. Nothing that fit in the waist went below my upper ankle. Victoria's Secret has some that work but they are really expensive :( Oh well, if pants are the greatest of my worries right now for this pregnancy I really have NO complaints :)
I still have no camera...and boy is that a story, short version Dad got ripped off by a company and now he and Nathaniel are getting disconnect numbers, yuck! Brooke is supposed to be coming here to work tomorrow and I will see if I can remember to get her to bring her camera and post a new pick. I'm HUGE!!!